The Mandelbrot set

a portion of the Mandelbrot set

I've made a tiny app with which you can study the Mandelbrot set. Give it a try: The Mandelbrot set is endless source of wonderful images. For instance the picture above was made by the app and it is a portion of the graphical representation of the set.

You can download the project from here.

I put a lot of comments in the code, and you can read about some tips regarding the project on the about page.

In my experience it is the best choice to run the app on Firefox. Chrome is really slow, the other browsers are about twice faster. IE is suprisingly fast, but it has the drawback that you cannot save the picture by right clicking on it, while Chrome and Firefox works well as regards saving the canvas. Safari is quite fast too, but you cannot save the picture.

Enjoy it! :)

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